A. C. Burlamarqui provides legal counsel and advice focusing on loyalqSethical

A. C. BURLAMAQUI CONSULTORES provides preventive, consultative and contentious legal assistance, with the main purpose of providing fair, ethical and efficient advice. The multidisciplinary training of the professionals who make up the office and the solid forensic experience allow the rendering of services in a specialized and, mainly, individualized manner.


The advisory assistance is carried out by the own members of the office, with a preventive focus, always aiming at avoiding contingencies and possible liabilities, with a constant search to update more recent theses and jurisprudence.

In labor litigation, the office acts in administrative and judicial proceedings, whether of volume, or in collective and strategic cases, personally cared for by the partners. The contentious action is detailed, treating each case as unique, regardless of its financial value. The record of good results achieved during its 50 years in the labor judiciary is expressive.

The litigation service covers the individual and collective right, the office having wide experience in union negotiations.

We have exclusive team to deal with customer systems (and own), data feed, custom reports, evaluation and reassessment of contingency value, attention to audits, among other activities.


The firm has extensive experience in the area of litigation, defending the interests of clients in the judicial and administrative spheres. The action consists, first of all, in understanding the needs of the client, so that the professional can then outline the best strategy for resolving the conflict.